Passion into Action

Want to see millions reached with Christ's Love?

Turn your passion into action and be part of the solution. Through our helpful fundraising tools you can fulfill the Great Commission while reviving passion in the hearts of others around you. Set a goal as a family, church group or Sunday school class and allow the Lord to work through you to meet needs in Asia. 100% of funds raised go directly to help the poor and to equip missionaries in some of the most difficult to reach areas of Sout Asia—where millions have yet to experience His love.

How You Can Impact Eternity

Choose a project on the field that you want to support—clean water, bicycles for missionaries, or sewing machines for widows. Gather a group together, use the tools in our fundraising packs to get your friends and church involved, and see what God will accomplish through your willingness to take action on behalf of the lost. Your life can make an eternal difference for men and women in Asia!

Who You Are Helping

An area known as the 10/40 Window is home for 97 percent of the world's unreached people. Not only do they have little or no chance to hear about Jesus, but problems like scarcity of clean water and illiteracy also leave them vulnerable and entrenched in poverty. By God's grace, many have found hope in Christ through the love shown by GFA-supported national missionaries and through practical income-providing gifts, yet millions still wait to hear of Christ. Together, we can bring aid and hope to some of the most downtrodden people in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Join the Movement

There are few greater feelings in life than knowing God has used you to help change the destiny of even one person. You can be used to change the destiny of thousands as you stand in the gap for the people of Asia.

"I was so delighted that instead of receiving gifts for my birthday this year, five families were blessed with clean drinking water through BioSand Water Filters gifted by my friends and family!" - GM

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