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How can the unreached call out to a God that they don't know, or ask the local church to help? They can't, but you can be their voice in your Christian world by joining any of our outreach campaigns.

Do you desire to get even more involved with bringing the cry of the unreached world to the ears of the western church? Are you willing to make it a regular part of your life? Become a part of the Voice of the Unreached, a family of believers reaching more unreached people by reaching out to Christians around them.

Share the Needs & Opportunities

Share the Books

Give out free copies of Revolution in World Missions and No Longer a Slumdog.

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Raise Awareness Online

If you're already on Facebook or Twitter, or you have a blog or website of your own, then you're already prepared to raise awareness of the unreached world amongst your friends online.

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Raise Funds for to Reach the Lost

Start a Fundraising Campaign

Start a fundraising campaign for the Gospel for Asia causes you're passionate about, through our GiveaLittle page.

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Push the Pedal

Help national missionaries go farther and faster to spread the Gospel by collecting donations for new missionary bicycles!

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Other Ways to Get Involved

Join Gospel for Asia's Prayer Team

Gospel for Asia is a ministry founded on and sustained by the power of prayer. Get involved with Gospel for Asia’s prayer team and help reach the unreached through your prayers!

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Invite a Speaker

Have a Gospel for Asia speaker come to challenge and encourage your fellowship in living selflessly and with an eternal mindset.

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Join Staff

Sending out national missionaries to reach the most unreached wouldn’t be possible without Gospel for Asia’s home office staff. More than just a job, service at GFA is a ministry that helps grow Christ’s kingdom.

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