Pastor Kantilal

A 3-part series about the life and ministry of a man named Kantilal.

Part 1: Saved from the Edge of Insanity

“Why is this happening to me?!” Kantilal cried out. “I serve You, and I love You, Lord, and I walk according to Your will. But why has this happened to me?”

He wept.

Saved from the Edge of Insanity

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Part 2: Kantilal: Man of Prayer

Kantilal saw the 3-year-old girl. The flesh on her back was rotting. He and a fellow Bible college student knew only one thing to do for this precious child: pray.

So they did, and miraculously, the Lord God healed her.

And God continued to work by giving Kantilal an insatiable passion—a passion for his people to know the mercy and grace of God.

Kantilal: Man of Prayer

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Part 3: Adhira: Living Her Life for Others

Adhira didn’t know the Lord when she married Kantilal in 2009. Though her husband was a Christian and loved Jesus, it took time—and a family struggle—for Adhira to understand her husband’s devotion to Christ.

Adhira: Living Her Life for Others

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