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Missionary Thambirajah


I was born October 18, 1990, in a nominal Christian family in Sri Lanka. Because of our personal struggles, we did not have any reverence for God, and no one encouraged us to go to church.

We were rejected in the society, because of our poverty. Added to this, my dad was a drunkard and he wasted all that he earned in drinking. To sustain our lives, my mom began to work in the rubber plant. My relatives loved me and cared about me. They helped me financially to get proper education.

at this situation, my mother went to another country to earn money. In the meantime, I went to stay with my aunt. In our absence few robbers robbed many of our things. Seeing the situation, my dad asked me to return home. Then with the help of a pastor, I joined a local Bible school to study the Word. The classes that I attended and the messages that I heard helped me draw closer to God. By confessing my sins I received Christ as my Savior.

As I sought the Almighty regarding this, He confirmed me of my calling to serve Him. Later, I enrolled in a Gospel for Asia Bible School.

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