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Marital Status: Single

Date of Birth: June 28, 1984

I was born into a believers' family in Myanmar. My father is a pastor.
I attended Sunday school and church services from a young age. I also learned many stories from the Bible and Scripture portions. I followed all their instructions not because I loved the Lord, but out of fear of my parents.
On one occasion, a Gospel team came to our village and conducted a Gospel convention for a week. I participated in them regularly. While I was listening to the messages, I felt the Lord was speaking to my heart, and I realized that I needed Jesus in my life. I confessed all my sins to Jesus and received Him as my personal Savior.
As an heir of God’s kingdom, I started to live for my Redeemer.
Before long, my heart was burdened for the lost, and I prayed to God to make me His instrument. The Lord called me to serve Him full time, and He opened a door for me to enroll in a GFA Bible school.

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