Several of our missionaries are in extreme danger as they live right in the middle of an ethnic war breaking out in their country of Myanmar.

On May 28, a young woman was brutally raped and murdered by members of an opposing ethnic group. In revenge, people from her community attacked a bus on June 2 and killed 10 of their enemies.

The violence spread from there, reaching several nearby villages. Mobs are burning homes and killing innocent villagers. People are afraid to leave their homes during the day, even to buy food for their families.

One of our missionaries wrote, "At this very moment, the groups are attacking homes and killing each other. Many local people are coming to our church building and staying together with great fear."

Please pray:

  • The Lord will protect our missionaries who are in danger.
  • For a group of our Bible college students who are unable to travel back to their college right now due to violence.
  • The Lord's peace will reign in the area.