International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church


20131009--The-Sufferings-of-this-Present-Time--idop-TD0702336They are stripped of their rights. Their neighbours threaten them with violence and death. Their homes are razed. Their families beat them. And their governments want to slaughter them.

They are our brothers and sisters around the world, boldly believing and proclaiming Christ in places where the penalty for doing so is often death.

Don’t Let Them Stand Alone

On November 10th, churches across the world are joining in their suffering by lifting up the persecuted in unified prayer. Share this video with your church and let them see how your prayers can strengthen Christians as they stand firm in their faith in the one true God.


Pastor Samuel’s Story

Pastor Ugyen’s Story


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K.P. Yohannan’s Encouragement to Pray

KPJesus promised His followers the world would hate and persecute them. And many Gospel for Asia supported missionaries have come to know the harsh reality of Jesus’ words. Beatings, death threats and imprisonments are a few of the things they encounter on a daily basis.

Hear K.P. Yohannan encourage us to commit to pray and fast for believers all over the world.


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