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Missionary Bijoy


I was born on 5 July 1986 into a non-Christian family in India. From my childhood, I performed various rituals and offered sacrifices to numerous gods and goddesses. All endeavours of attaining peace in life were in vain.

I began to enjoy all bad habits. My parents advised me not to make friends with the wrong group. Not having any consideration for my parents, I relied on my own decisions. Day-by-day I got more and more stubborn and this attitude led me to depression.

One day while I was going to the market I saw a huge crowd praising God. Being encouraged by this, I joined them. That evening, the pastor shared about God’s love. Keenly listening to him, my heart was touched. I asked God for forgiveness of sins and welcomed Jesus to reign in my life.

Having a burden to reach the lost, I spent time with the Lord to know His will in life. So then, I received the call of Jesus for full-time ministry and enrolled in a GFA Bible School.

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