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Pray for GFA-supported
Bridge of Hope

Pray for GFA-supported <br>Bridge of Hope

Thousands of Bridge of Hope children carry with them a new sense of hope as they dream of becoming doctors, teachers, government workers or computer specialists. Though many students come from impoverished backgrounds, they are learning to dream big while at their Bridge of Hope centres. They are discovering a better future is within their grasp.

Over the days, weeks, months and years that students attend GFA-supported Bridge of Hope centres, parents gratefully watch their children thrive in their studies, mature in the arts and help keep their country beautiful through community-service projects. They see the benefits in the moral lessons and manners their children learn, and they see their precious ones grow under the nurturing love of their teachers.

Please join us as we pray for the Lord to bless GFA-supported Bridge of Hope this month.

Pray for Project Coordinators

Pray for Project Coordinators

Each Bridge of Hope centre has a project coordinator who works behind the scenes to make sure the centre, its staff and the children are doing well. They’re engaged with every aspect of the centre, taking part in teaching the students, organizing events and ensuring good stewardship over the centre’s finances.

Let’s pray the Lord will give project coordinators wisdom as they lead their Bridge of Hope centre. Ask the Lord to give them fresh ideas and vision for the days ahead.

Pray for Bridge of Hope Teachers

Pray for Bridge of Hope Teachers

Children of various ages depend on you to teach them what they need to know in order to do well in school. You rejoice to see them succeed, and you support them when they struggle. You pour into your students every day, and they look up to you.

Let us ask the Lord to fill Bridge of Hope teachers with strength and grace to teach their pupils. Pray teachers will have the energy and capacity to loveon difficult days.

Pray for Staff

Pray for Staff

It takes multiple people to keep a Bridge of Hope centres running smoothly. All the tasty and nutritious food children receive at the centres comes from the willing and skillful hands of hired cooks. Social workers also keep tabs on the children and their families, making sure they’re encouraged emotionally and mentally.

Let us ask the Lord to bless the cooks and social workers with joy as they serve. Pray specifically for the Lord to grant the social workers discernment as they minister to each child and their family.

Pray for the Students

Pray for the Students

Bridge of Hope has offered education and hope for the future to many students over the years. Many of these students graduate and go on to excel in college and careers. As these children experience love and affirmation from the staff, they have hope to rise above the cycle of poverty to pursue their aspirations.

We can ask the Lord to give these precious children grace as they focus on their studies and participate in different activities at the centres. Pray they will shine and make a difference in their communities.

Pray for More Sponsors

Pray for More Sponsors

Because people support GFA’s Bridge of Hope program, children have a chance for a better life, filled with hope for the future that was once only a far-off dream. Sponsors make it possible for centres to continue running and for more and more children to experience redemptive life.

Please pray the Lord will continue to give His people a burden for the precious children of Asia, and pray there will be many more sponsors in the days to come.

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