Her Husband Kidnapped Their Son

Her Husband Kidnapped Their Son

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Originally published March 2014

The house was in chaos. Fists pounded flesh, blood poured from a head wound and nothing could be said to stop the gang from destroying Laghuvi’s family. Led by Laghuvi’s husband, the group had come for revenge, for punishment, and they would take their due. Beaten herself, Laghuvi tried to protect her newborn son, but she was no match for the men. Her husband forcibly took the child and left. She hasn’t seen either one since.

March 2014

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Mother Suffers Seven Months after Hysterectomy

Laghuvi’s parents, Chandrabhan and Tanima, couldn’t have known the violent turn their son-in-law would eventually take. On the day of their arranged wedding, Nadir was a nice young man who followed a traditional religion—a good match for Laghuvi and for her family. Over the next year, however, medical hardship changed the family.

Doctors diagnosed Laghuvi’s mother, Tanima, with uterine problems and ordered a hysterectomy, which led to severe abdominal pain and swelling all over her body. She suffered seven months without a cure until someone suggested she go to the local church.

During the service, GFA-supported pastor Haatim and his congregation prayed fervently for Tanima, and a month later, she was healed. In response, the entire household decided to follow Christ. Nadir took the news of his in-laws’ decision as a blow. Still, he maintained a tolerable relationship with them.

Her Husband Kidnapped Their Son

God is still in the business of answering prayer, just like He healed Tanima through the prayers of local believers.

When Laghuvi became pregnant with the couple’s first child, Nadir followed cultural tradition and sent her to stay with her parents for the final trimester and birth. It was a decision he would soon come to regret.

Daughter Visits Parents, Learns of Christ

When Laghuvi arrived at her parents’ house, she quickly saw the difference Christ had made in their lives. Every night, her parents, siblings and grandfather gathered to read the Bible and pray, and they regularly attended church.

Laghuvi asked her mother about the changes, and Tanima eagerly shared about Jesus Christ. As Laghuvi began joining her family for church and evening prayers, she realized she wanted to follow Christ, too.

When Nadir found out about his wife’s decision, he grew nervous and wanted to take Laghuvi home, but their tradition held that a woman stays in her parents’ home for 15 days after a baby is born. By then, Laghuvi was fully committed in her relationship with Christ—even asking the church to pray for their new son.

Furious, Nadir decided he didn’t want his wife to return home after all. Instead, he hatched a plan to take back his son. The gang of religious fanatics he recruited was all too happy to help.

The group stormed into the house, with Nadir by their side, and began beating the family, demanding that they renounce Jesus Christ. While Chandrabhan suffered a dangerous blow to the head, Nadir forcibly removed his son from the house.

Later, Laghuvi watched her father be taken away by ambulance while the question of her son’s welfare still filled the air. The persecution was only beginning.

Neighbours Blame Family for Persecution

Her Husband Kidnapped Their Son

In response to his wife’s new faith, Nadir (not pictured) brought a gang to beat up her family and take his newborn son.

Neighbours Blame Family for Persecution

Chandrabhan came home with 12 stitches, but as word spread about the incident, it was he and Tanima who were seen as villains. Nadir had filed for a formal divorce, and in the villagers’ eyes, the couple had chosen a new religion over their daughter’s wellbeing. It was foolish and even cruel.

“What is there in Jesus more than a son-in-law?” the neighbours asked. “Don’t they care about their daughter’s life?”

“What is there in Jesus more than a son-in-law? Don’t they care about their daughter’s life?”

Despite their neighbours’ protests, the family continued to trust God, and their frustrated friends eventually cut ties.

“If they don’t want to compromise with their daughter’s life, we will not have fellowship with them,” they said.

Just in case social isolation wasn’t painful enough, the community took its punishment one step further by physically blocking the family from the public well. Whenever a member of the family even approached the well, the villagers harshly scolded them.

The next closest water source was at a school over half a mile away, and they often couldn’t draw enough for the family and their livestock. Their community made it clear: Receive the Living Water and we will reject you.

Her Husband Kidnapped Their Son

Carrying heavy pots of water is a common sight in many Asian communities—a task made even harder the farther the distance one has to walk.

Jesus Well Restores Family’s Wellbeing, Reputation

In the midst of the family’s turmoil, Chandrabhan turned to Pastor Haatim and asked him about getting a well that would be open to everyone. Pastor Haatim talked to his leaders, and later that year, a well was drilled behind Chandrabhan’s house.

Because of that one simple move, the village completely changed its attitude toward Chandrabhan, Tanima, Laghuvi and their family. Instead of condemnation, the community showed them appreciation and respect, and the family has returned the good will.

Her Husband Kidnapped Their Son

Carrying heavy pots of water is a common sight in many Asian communities—a task made even harder the farther the distance one has to walk.

Her Husband Kidnapped Their Son

Through the village’s new Jesus Well (pictured), Tanima’s family and their neighbours now have free access to clean water in the name of Jesus.

When the summer’s heat dried up the village’s two older wells, Chandrabhan and his family welcomed their neighbours at the Jesus Well, which was still going strong. Now, more than 30 families use the well regularly, and some people even came to know Christ’s love by talking to Chandrabhan over buckets of water.

As for Laghuvi, she still hasn’t seen her son or the husband who divorced her, but the Lord gave her a new husband from the church. And when they start their family, Laghuvi knows their future will be one marked not by violence but by the joy of Jesus Christ.

By giving a Jesus Well, you can help provide for fellow believers, quell persecution and provide clean water in more villages—all in the name of Jesus. Give toward Jesus Wells today and see how God will transform lives.

You can provide a Jesus Well for an entire community for $1,600.

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