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Give the Poor a Better Future and Show Them Christ’s Love

Each of the items in this category is truly a gift of compassion. Some gifts generate income for years to come, while others meet immediate needs and could save lives. In addition, recipients have a chance to experience the redemptive love of Jesus—the best gift they could ever receive.

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Outdoor Toilet

Outdoor Toilet

$250 each

Millions in Asia have no choice but to go to the bathroom out in the open, which poses many risks, especially for women and girls who venture into open fields under the cover of darkness. Constructing outdoor toilets spares families from disease found at communal waste grounds and protects the dignity of men and women.

“It is a commandment from the Bible to love the poor and the needy. So, whatever we do today, by helping the poor and the needy, we are actually fulfilling God’s commandment.” —Gunalan, a GFA-supported pastor

BioSand Water Filter

$47 each

Many people in Asia do not have clean water, and as a result, they battle waterborne illnesses—or even succumb to death. Constructed of concrete, sand and rocks, BioSand water filters remove 98 percent of biological impurities. They provide safe water for drinking and cooking for a family and often for the neighbors too! The clean water will improve health and hygiene and will give peace of mind—all of which are expressions of Christ’s care.

“Now, no more struggle! Having a BioSand water filter was beyond our imagination.” —Erina, mother of three in Asia

Sewing Machine


Sewing machines mend broken lives. Men and women who lack education are hindered in their ability to provide for the families, but with a sewing machine, they can earn a stable income by sewing clothes. The gift of a sewing machine can remove the hopelessness and poverty hanging over many families, and through this timely help, recipients can realize God’s care for them..

“I was really longing for a machine. ... I have no words to express my feelings and thanks to the church. ... This gift not only helps me to earn a daily income, but also it brought us close to the Living God.” —Romila, a sewing machine recipient and a sister in Christ

Jesus Well

$2,150 each

Jesus Wells provide fresh water year-round, protecting communities from many waterborne illnesses and sparing women and children from spending hours searching for water sources. Clean water from a Jesus Well is freely offered to all, regardless of a person’s religious or social background, which communicates Christ’s acceptance of those society deems “untouchable.” Pastors serving near Jesus Wells are also able to share about the Living Water mentioned on the well’s plaque. Providing safe water is a practical way to show communities how much God and His children care for all people!

“I believe that God will do a miracle, that through this Jesus Well many people will come and glorify His name.” —Jeevan, a GFA-supported pastor whose community received a Jesus Well



$20 each

Most families in Asia have little or no insulation or indoor heating. Those who sleep on the streets are even more exposed to the cold. Blankets provide comfort and protection and serve as tangible expressions of Christ’s love.

“And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’ ” —Matthew 25:40

Medical Ministry

Medical Ministry


Gifts toward medical ministry provide free medical care and health education for people who are suffering and dying from treatable ailments. GFA-supported workers organize medical camps in villages or Bridge of Hope centers and invite teams of nurses, doctors and other health care professionals to provide medical care. One medical camp may serve 200 to 1,000 people.

Through medical ministry, families that lack access to medication or have never been taught basic hygiene can receive life-saving treatment and health education, all in the name of the Great Physician: Jesus Christ.

Women's Literacy Fund


When women learn to read at GFA-supported literacy classes, they can avoid harmful labor contracts, understand warning labels and avoid being cheated at the marketplace. And after they graduate from these classes, women are also able to read God’s Word and can grow in their relationship with Him.

Fishing Net

Fishing Net

$39 each

Thousands of people in Asia rely on fishing to feed their families. The people who receive these fishing nets can cast them upon the waters every day and sell the fish they catch in the local markets.

Mosquito Net

Mosquito Net

$16 each

Malaria is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. Mosquito nets save lives and offer a restful night’s sleep, free from the sting of disease-laden mosquitoes.

Pull Cart

Pull Cart

$185 each

Pull carts enable families to carry their wares wherever potential customers gather. Pull-cart recipients are able to grow their existing business or even start a new business!

“With the pull cart, I can travel around and sell onions and potatoes. Wherever I find a suitable place, I stand and sell. My earnings have also increased.” —Bhrithi, a 38-year-old widow who was tearful and speechless when she received her pull cart


$310 each

These functional vehicles can mean the world to the needy families who receive them. Instead of renting a rickshaw at a high price, rickshaw drivers can take home all their earnings to care for their family and send their children to school.

“After getting the rickshaw, it is easier for me to earn money. ... I can easily maintain my family, and we do not worry about what to eat in the morning and in the evening.” — Prabhal, a father of two

Tin Roof

Tin Roof

$340 for one set

Roofs made of thatch are a common sight across Asia, but they don’t offer good protection from annual monsoon rains, which means families must spend precious resources repairing or replacing their possessions. These lightweight, sturdy tin roofs give needy families a safe, dry place to call home.

Tool Kit

Tool Kit

$125 per kit

Tool kits include items such as axes, shovels, saws, plows, sickles and crowbars. Having the right tools increases a farmer’s productivity. Their fields can yield more, increasing a farmer’s income and ability to provide food, clothing, shelter and a better life for their family.

“When I see the condition of [these] people, their poverty, . . . it hurts me. It pains me to see them suffering. I wish I could bring changes in their lives.” —Kanak, a GFA-supported pastor

Vocational Training Class

Vocational Training Class

$47 for a fresh start

Vocational training courses equip people with necessary skills for occupations such as tailoring or candle-making. The classes help people get better jobs so they can break out of the cycle of poverty and provide better lives for their families.

Widows and Abandoned Children Fund


In many areas of Asia, widows are an invisible part of society. They are commonly ignored, rejected and believed to be cursed and the cause of their husbands’ deaths. Their own upbringing leads them to believe those same things about themselves.

Similarly, women who have been abandoned by their husbands face the sting of rejection—and the sudden crisis of needing to provide for their children in an environment often hostile to single mothers.

Whether a woman loses her husband through death or abandonment, she and her children face immense practical and emotional hardships, but the Body of Christ can offer support and hope. GFA’s Widows and Abandoned Children Fund provides food, shelter, income-generating gifts, dignity and God’s compassion to women and children in need.

“As a widow myself, I know of the struggles involved in providing for those I love. May my ‘mite’ help in a small way to meet the needs of other widows.” —Susan, a donor from Mississippi

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