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These gifts enable national workers to do even more to serve their people. Whether you give toward bicycles or heavy-duty vehicles so missionaries can save time traveling, or toward winter clothing so they can minister in the cold of winter, you’ll bless not only the missionaries but also the communities they serve.

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$170 each

Bicycles save national workers time and energy, enabling them to minister to more people and to visit believers they disciple more often. Bicycles may also be given to others in need, helping break the cycle of poverty by enabling parents to find jobs in more distant places or by making it possible for students to travel to their remote schools.

“Sometimes I was not able to reach my destination traveling by bus, as the road was broken on the way. I had to return back. But with the bicycle, I am able to cross any such hurdles and reach my destination.”
—Pastor Dhiraj, who received a bicycle at a GFA-supported gift distribution

Generator for Film Teams

Generator for Film Teams

$2,800 each

How do you show a movie about God if you’re in a village that doesn’t have electricity? You bring a generator! This important gift allows film teams to invest in the eternities of thousands of men and women across Asia.

Heavy-duty Vehicle

$26,200 each

A heavy-duty vehicle carries a team of national missionaries to remote villages much faster and safer than if they had to walk. Because of the vehicle, these missionaries are able to share about the love and sacrifice of Christ with people who may not otherwise get a chance to hear about Him.

In addition to transporting the team, the vehicle also carries heavy equipment essential for ministry, which often includes a generator, a film projector and a sound system. Through the gift of a heavy-duty vehicle, people across Asia will get to celebrate Christ!

LCD Projector Kit

LCD Projector Kit

$2,700 each

LCD projector kits enable film teams to share life-changing movies with countless villagers. Film teams can arrange double features, showing Asian-language films on the life of Jesus, in conjunction with films on topics such as the dangers of alcohol or drugs. LCD projector kits help bring hope and the truth of God’s love to many different villages year after year.

“Tell me about Jesus Christ who can deliver me. What can I do for that? Please pray that I may be delivered from this worldly, sinful life.” —Rishwanth, a film show participant



A motorcycle enables a pastor to serve distant fellowships, giving people the leadership, counsel and prayer they need to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“I donated as a Christmas gift for my dad. He has everything he needs and enjoys seeing the money I would spend on him go to a better cause.” —John, a donor in Minnesota

Winter Clothing Packet

$65 each

Harsh winters force many people indoors, hindering villagers from finding jobs and limiting pastors’ ability to minister. Winter clothing packets help GFA-supported workers stay healthy and able to minister during cold seasons, and they also demonstrate Christ’s love in a very practical way to villagers living in mountainous regions or to the homeless.

Depending on the region, a winter clothing packet may include:

  • A blanket
  • A jacket
  • A sweater
  • Other warm items

“From the depths of my heart, I am grateful to God, who blessed me and allowed me to enjoy the winter with a shawl, sweater, socks and woolen cap. For me, it was not possible to buy it. I even had nothing in my bag when I came to study here. But God is so good . . .” —Amal, a Bible college student

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