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Give Others the Chance to Hear About Christ and to Grow in Him

Many people have yet to hear the wonderful story of Christ’s birth. Through these gifts, you can enable national workers to give others the chance to hear about Jesus, grow in Him, and praise Him in a local fellowship. Through you, many will get the chance to know and worship our Saviour!

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Bible Society

$10 for Bibles and New Testaments

Many believers in Asia are first-generation believers who grew up knowing nothing of God’s ways, and they’re hungry for His Word. Your donation to GFA Bible Society gives people in Asia their own Bibles or New Testaments in their own languages, and helps them grow in their knowledge of God and walk more closely with Him.

Gospel Tracts

Gospel Tracts

$3 for 400 tracts

For many people in Asia, a piece of Gospel literature is the first step in their journey of knowing Jesus. Oftentimes, Gospel literature will be read aloud to others who are illiterate or passed on to someone else who will read it and pass it on to yet another person.

Church Building

Church Building

Range from $16,000 - $61,600

A permanent worship place is one of the most powerful tools for the growth of a congregation, both as a church family and as individual disciples of Jesus.

A place of worship:

  • Facilitates discipleship opportunities, as well as community service activities.
  • Presents a consistent, welcoming location for visitors from any background who want to learn about Jesus.
  • Frees believers to worship openly and exuberantly without worrying about disturbing their landlords or neighbors.
  • Protects believers from intense summer heat and rain.
  • Offers a safe haven for those experiencing opposition
  • Encourages a sense of the congregation's permanency, credibility and stability among the local community.

A church building costs between $15,400 to $61,600 to construct, depending on size, location and available materials.

“I am happier with the thought that from now on, not only us, but even the generations to come will be able to worship the Lord.” —Thurein, the first believer in his village, after his fellowship received a place of worship

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School

$47 for VBS Materials

At Vacation Bible School, children make crafts, hear Bible stories and learn cultural songs and dances. On the last day of VBS, they share what they’ve learned by performing for their parents, and the joy and truths they discover at VBS impact their families, too! Your gift enables VBS programs to continue touching lives.

“The three days of VBS brought changes in my life. ... After I failed 10th grade, I was not happy and was doing whatever I liked. Due to that, my parents were so sad. ... But after attending this three-day VBS program, I learned that God loves me so much.” —Nirmanyu, a 15-year-old in Asia who found lasting hope through VBS



$170 each

Bicycles save national workers time and energy, enabling them to minister to more people and to visit believers they disciple more often. Bicycles may also be given to others in need, helping break the cycle of poverty by enabling parents to find jobs in more distant places or by making it possible for students to travel to their remote schools.

“Sometimes I was not able to reach my destination traveling by bus, as the road was broken on the way. I had to return back. But with the bicycle, I am able to cross any such hurdles and reach my destination.” —Pastor Dhiraj, who received a bicycle at a GFA-supported gift distribution

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